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About Premier Pilates

Premier Pilates is a Classical Studio located at la Mirada Center. The Owner and Founder, Elin Benson, is both passionate as well as committed to teaching the classical method of Pilates, and strives to foster a deeper understanding of Pilates Principles in her students. Elin has gathered together “the best of the best” equipment – from a variety of manufacturers – in order for Premier Pilates students to experience the true nature of Pilates exercises. “I have hand-picked specific apparatus”, says Ms. Benson, “from different companies to ensure my studentns experience the challenge Pilates exercises present, as well as the guidance and support Pilates equipment offers.”

Elin goes on to explain that specific equipment was chosen for her studio so it is the student does the work – and not the equipment. “The apparatus in my studio”, notes Ms. Benson, “is here because it best accomodates my clientelle”.

The style of teaching at Premier Pilates is definitely classified as the “Classical Style” of Pilates, which is not to imply sessions are rigid in any way. Premier Pilates Instructors are comprehensively certified, and advanced enough to seemlessly integrate modifications along with new & improved exercises into their students’ work. “Premier Pilates Instructors passionately follow a system and order originally designed by Joseph Pilates, and teach to the body in front of us”, notes Ms. Benson. “The classical style works, and allows room to tailor session formats and specific exercises to meet the needs of the student.”

Students seeking a deeper understanding of the true nature of Pilates will find a welcoming home at Premier Pilates, and those who are just beginning their Pilates journey will be safely introduced to and guided through the basic Pilates Principles. “Whether the student is a beginner just starting out, or an adanced Pilates Professional”, explains Ms. Benson, “our studio has a lot to offer. From Beginner classes to Advanced Continuing Education, Premier Pilates strives to meet the needs of Pilates students at all levels who appreciate the classical Pilates foundation that has helped millions of students achieve greater health & well-being for close to a century.

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We are closed December 24th through January  1st for Winter Break