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Brooke Beeckman, PMA‐CPT

Brooke began practicing Pilates in 2002 and was fortunate to start at a young age. Brooke was originally trained and mentored by Tiziana Trovati, an instructor directly trained by Romana Kryzanowska (a central protégé of Joseph Pilates’). From these years Brooke received a Pilates education that forms the base of her practice.

Years later the rehabilitation benefits of Pilates helped Brooke recover from double hip surgery incurred by athletic wear and tear. Pilates was instrumental to regain lost muscle and find hip alignment and the rehabilitation benefits of Pilates are central to Brooke’s method today.

Brooke’s goal is to create sessions that are tailored to her client’s needs. Whether that is athletic training, the rehabilitation benefits of Pilates, better movement awareness, or a vigorous work out Brooke wants her clients to love Pilates as much as she does.

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