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“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” Joseph Pilates

One-on-one Pilates classes provide you with the most in-depth and insightful “aha” moments with respect to understanding how to efficiently strengthen your core, improve posture and increase flexibility.The most effective way to focus on your individual needs, injuries or chronic concerns is through Private Pilates Sessions. Private sessions are an ideal way to experience challenges with detailed supervision which in turn, will accelerate your progress to a deeper, more advanced level safely.

Whether as a part of your cross training program or periodic tune-ups, private sessions will help you reach your fitness potential faster.When core muscles are strong and doing their ‘job’ as trained to do with Pilates, they work together with the more superficial muscles of the trunk, which in turn allow the rest of your body’s muscles to function more efficiently. This will improve not only how you feel in general, but will also improve how you perform in your other activities as well. Sports specific Pilates sessions are available for biking, running, swimming, tennis, golf, skiing, etc.I look forward to hearing from you and invite you to contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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I love this studio!!! The staff is amazing, the instructors are phenomenal; they are helpful and accommodating. The infrared heat is very healing. Oh and the classes, are great!!! I really have seen an improvement in my health and increase in muscle/strength since joking about 2/3 months ago. I highly recommend SPY!


I absolute love this studio. From the first class I took over a month ago, I knew it was different than every other standard studio. The instructors all care about you and truly invest in your wellbeing. I’m beyond happy to have joined such a wonderful studio where I can feel comfortable and really push towards my goals while being surrounded by kind and empowering women (and men)!


I absolutely love the studio! Has the right balance with phenomenal instructors and classes! Highly recommend!!!


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