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Happy Customers

This place is wonderful. The studio is state of the art. The instructors are encouraging of students at all levels of the journey. I am more Pilates than yoga, but I truly enjoyed the yoga classes I’ve tried. SPY is a very unique and special studio.


If you haven’t tried SPY yet, you need to go. I have been practicing here since January and it has become my safe haven. Being surrounded by strong, self-assured women while you challenge your body is transformative. The confidence is contagious and you find yourself growing your capabilities everyday. The instructors become your family, getting to know you and sharing their own struggles as tales of encouragement. AND… my body has never been stronger or looked better than it does after 7 months of pilates reformer. Thank you SPY!

If you want a fun eclectic mix of workouts, which target every single part of your body, Scottsdale Yoga and Pilates is the perfect place for you.
I have seen amazing results.
The friendly atmosphere makes it extremely comfortable .
Stephanie’s staff are extremely knowledgeable and a lot of FUN!
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